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About OnFrame

We’re excited to announce OnFrame – a new company created by the founders of Nativ.

We’re launching our real-time, stream-based media processing platform. OnFrame is developer-centric, enabling you to create AI-enabled automated analysis, processing and repurposing pipelines and scale them out effortlessly and at low cost. Our pluggable architecture supports a growing array of media processing use cases and the entire platform is cloud-based and API-driven:

OnFrame can help you:

  • Build and deploy your own pipelines in minutes and scale them out in the cloud
  • Automate AI-based video analysis – using custom and public AI services
  • Transcode, render and augment video in realtime
  • Create and process actionable event data as it happens
  • Develop and deploy your own plugins with our SDK
  • Source video from any IP-enabled camera, drone, webcam…
  • Hook up your existing file archive and process at scale and in parallel
  • Support files and streams in a single unified platform
  • Set up a trial account and start developing your own applications

We’re Hiring

We’re hiring for the following roles. Contact us to find out more.

  • Video Software Engineer
  • Full-stack Tech Lead


With over 30 years combined experience in the media software markets….

Jon Folland


Gordon Ashworth


Find out what OnFrame can do for you

Use the form below to contact us, or email us directly at info@onframe.io.